Not All Charging Cables Are Created Equal

With over 2 billion people around the globe owning a smartphone, these devices aren’t an option or a luxury anymore. They are a necessity as they do so much more than just talking on the phone.

The one issue that many of us having with smartphones though is battery life. No matter how careful you are with closing apps and watching your data, your battery never has enough “juice” for your needs.

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Well did you know that your charging cable could be slowing down your charging speed? Your cable in fact can have tremendous influence in how fast your phone charges and how much power your phone actually has.

From the outside, many charging cables look the same. On the inside though, the construction is very different. It all evolves around the wires ability to carry a fast speed.

Within a typical USB smartphone cable are 4 wires. A red, a white, a green and a black. The white and green are used for data. The red and the black are 5v and carry the power for chagrining.  Those two wires determine charging speed.

A standard cable is 28 gauge and has the ability of about .5A, which is the standard charge rate. A charger cable that is faster will have internal wires that are 24 gauge and can carry larger currents including currents that are 2A.

So what if you are looking for a fast charging cable? Which is a good one that will really work?

Compatible with most micro USB Android devices, the 90cm/3ft Rocketfish Micro-B USB cordfrom Selby Acoustics is a great cord for not only fast charging but for transferring data from your phone to another device such as your laptop.

A genuine Apple Lightning cable is probably your best bet for quick charging your Apple devices such as an iPhone. It has all the same capabilities as the micro USB for Android including transferring of data.

So while charging cables may look similar on the outside, make sure to do your research ahead of time so you know your wire will get you a full charge fast.

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