Can Mobile Phone Contribute In Education?

Education in India has evolved over years. Now a days, education is not just bound in classrooms, rather it now covering various areas of technology. Many boards of India like CBSE, ICSE etc. have started a new way of learning by introducing the digital classrooms.

This article is based on whether mobile phones are useful in education or not. It is a contradictory topic as every parents in India cannot afford good education for their children but still they try to provide whatever they can. On the other hand, the parents who are able: think that mobile phones are the one that are the main cause of distraction to a child. But this is not so, mobile phones can be put to best use in terms of education.


Following are some points that show that cell phones can really contribute in the Education:


  • Using Mobiles for Recording the Teaching Sessions: Not every student has the same brain nor they have a same pace in learning a particular thing. By using cellphones, the students can video record the session given by the respective teachers. This will help the child in studying in his/her own pace. Also, the student can replay, rewind and forward the video whenever they want.


  • Providing Study Materials to Students: The children do not require to write in the classroom, rather than that the teacher will provide the video lectures to them via mail. This saves the time as in a short period of time the whole lecture can be finished. Unlike earlier days, when the teacher used to stand and wait for the children to finish writing whatever he/she dictates.


  • Mobile Learning Apps: Nowadays there are mobile applications developed that the children are finding very useful for their study purpose. One of them is the Byju’s- The Learning App which is the reason for a lot of student’s success in India. Thus from this, it is evident that mobiles can be used as a learning tool too.


  • Digitization also helping in using Mobiles in Education: This term digitization is very common in India. With the increasing number of subscribers for Internet in the present world, the Indian Government is planning to provide cheaper or free internet facility in many parts of the nation. With this, there would be no longer a worry in using mobiles in education.


These were some points that show that mobiles can be used in the field of education. But still a problem prevails as 70% of the India’s population resides in rural parts of the country. The middle class or the rich parents can afford mobiles for their children but the people in rural areas cannot. Therefore, it is an effective measure with a lot of disadvantages.


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With a degree in Engineering, Saswati Ghosh is a content writer by profession. She is passionate about creative writing and blogging along with an interest in reading and part-time teaching. She is presently exploring all about the digital education with Byju’s-the Learning App.

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